From Rachel Jane Nelson, Daughter of Mary Boyle

Received from Rachel Jane Nelson 11/27/2020

Mr. Nelson,

Hello from NC. My name is Rachel Jane Nelson, and I'm the daughter of Mary Boyle. To see her picture on your website was so amazing. I see that your page does not have a date of death for her. She passed away on Nov. 29th, 1988.

If you would also like to post an update:

Mary Elizabeth Boyle worked as a social work assistant for Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, NC at the time of her sudden death in November of 1988. She was married to Charles James Fortner, and they had 3 children, Rachel, Bentley and Clifford. Mary has been gone for 32 years, but she is fondly remembered as a loving mother with a beautiful voice and a kind heart. According to the yearbook, she was "winsome" in high school, and she always had fond memories of West High School and her friends there. Anyone who remembers Mary is welcome to share a memory with her daughter at Rachel.jane.nelson@gmail.com. She would wish you all well if she could. Thank you for remembering her and other classmates who have passed.

Mary Boyle

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