Dale Seborg

Received from Dale Seborg 09/19/2019
Biographical Update

Welcome to Volume 1

I was born in Madison on the very day the Badgers won the NCAA men's basketball tournament, presumably now a state holiday. My family lived in a nice neighborhood, but two of my paper route customers had sons that did time in state prisons. I have many fond memories of high school, but it is very sad to learn that so many of our classmates, including close friends, have departed.

I majored in chemical engineering at UW and had a fairly successful academic career - I was only on probation for one semester. After graduation I went to Princeton and received a Ph.D. degree. Princeton was a good academic experience with an excellent location ‐about 50 from both New York City and Philadelphia. The caliber of Ivy League football was about the same as in Wisconsin (West High, not UW). During this period, I met my first wife, Beelzebub.

My first faculty position was at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The main attraction was the "sea of oil", the vast majority of hydrocarbon reserves in Canada. The oil revenue allowed the U of A to have outstanding experimental and computing equipment that only a few other schools could afford. My nine years were rewarding and productive. The highlights were the births of my two daughters, Beth and Susie. The low points were the nine winters. (Factoid: when it is -40 degrees, you don't have to specify "F" or "C"; the two temperature scales have the same lousy value.)

Then came the siren call came from the University of California Santa Barbara, where I was a faculty member for 33 years. I feel very fortunate to have been able to teach and do research in a great academic environment in a gorgeous location. It was a rewarding and productive period of my life that included getting two patents and coauthoring a chemical engineering textbook. The book has been very successful (four editions) and has been translated into four languages.

After 12 years of bachelorhood, I met the love of my life, Judy, at a lecture on Chinese furniture at the Santa Barbara Art Museum. (We had recently been on separate trips to China.) We married 18 months later and have been very happy. She is simply wonderful.

Since my retirement in 2010, Judy and I spend considerable time traveling, especially on historical and archaeological tours. Some of our most unusual trips have been to Iran, Kenya/Tanzania, Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Tibet. Another major focus of our lives has been her family in North Carolina and my two daughters and their families. Beth is a lawyer in London and has two children (Lexie is 12 and Franklin is 8); Susie is an art conservator in Baton Rouge with two daughters (Bella is 5 and Evie is 3). They are absolute delights but Judy and I wished they lived closer!

This is probably "too much information". (Verbosity is an academic hazard.) Judy and I are very sorry we can't attend the reunion but hope you all have a great time. I greatly appreciate the efforts of the stalwarts who created the attractive class web site and who organize our class reunions.

Best regards,


Dale Seborg

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